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Dr. Chandra (Lasley) Estefan

Ph.D., LMFT, EMDR Therapist
AAMFT Approved Supervisor


Transforming pain into purpose is fundamental to healing and is the foundation from which I practice therapy.


My approach is compassionate, thoughtful, and direct. Through our time together, my hope is to support you in becoming more deeply connected to who you want to be. Abuse, neglect, trauma, and many other hardships can create a sense of anxiety and sadness. This often results in feeling "not good enough" or feeling detached from yourself, your relationships, and even from life. Sometimes these feelings evolve into difficulties such as chronic depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Becoming more connected with yourself will empower you to grow through the hardships, transforming pain into purpose for a better self. My wish for you is that through therapy you will be able to more confidently say that your hardships no longer get the best of you.

You can be and give the best of you in spite of life's challenges.

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